About Us

Welcome to Fantasy Fields! We are happy to have you and delighted to share with you where we come from and just what is that we intend to do!

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You might have heard of us, Fantasy Fields happens to be part of the Teamson Family. We are a rapidly growing small family business created in 1997, designed to bring hand crafted and hand painted pieces to the homes of children all over the world. Our customers are as creative and unique as our pieces, and it is our mission to create future memories in our children so they treasure their childhood when they are older.

Let’s not forget about our parents! Parents are the fundamental part of our brand. We believe that the bond between a parent and a child should be strong, and we are honored to bring them sturdy, imagination inspiring vibrant and fun pieces to light up their lives. We pay attention to our customers the same way we zone in on the quality and attention to detail in our items. It is our goal for you to return and hand select several pieces from our ever-growing collections. Come see what all the fuss is about today!